dirt & paint.

folks, summer is just about here, and things are looking summery at the treehouse community garden. the latest and greatest from 1045 logan is the completion of the raised beds! all that beautiful, rich dirt has been shoveled into place, thanks to a wonderful group of volunteers last weekend. (for pictures, click here!)

not only is the soil ready to go, but Grapids Irrigation installed a state-of-the-art irrigation system for us. i’m serious. sprinklers AND faucets, right alongside our vegetable beds! this is the real deal. in addition, our amazing friend josh came out again last saturday and worked magic on the garden shed – and it’s almost done! just a few touch-ups here and there, and we have a gorgeous place to store our tools…not to mention a porch for where to drink ice tea during the hot summer months. (evening bluegrass and barbecues, anyone?)

this saturday, may 19, we plan to hold sign-ups for neighbors to claim beds for their families, along with a cleanup session; all of this to ready the garden for our big PLANTING DAY, scheduled for may 26th at 10am. come one, come all! it’s going to be a fun day of planning, digging, singing, planting, and hanging out at the treehouse community garden. grab a trowel, some gardening gloves, and your sunglasses and come out for the party.