about us.

the treehouse community.
Focused on praying, sharing, growing and eating together, we desire to be a community that welcomes everyone with the love of Christ. We each follow a call from God, and the earthly example of his son Jesus, to be intentional about living in pursuit of the kingdom of heaven. We believe this translates into loving each other and our neighbors in tangible ways; attending physical needs, as well as emotional and spiritual ones.

how we live.
Our home is a place of healing and prayer, where we invite the presence of the Holy Spirit to minister to us and through us. We find the earliest followers of Jesus to be a wonderful example of how the church can function in support of one another and its surrounding communities. We share our time, resources, and experiences with one another, and welcome those in need – whether the need be a listening ear or a hot meal.

our dreams.
We desire to see change. We pray for and live in expectation of God’s kingdom showing up on earth. We believe Jesus loves each of his children, and longs for the entire world to find freedom in him – freedom from sickness, poverty, hatred, injustice, pain, fear, hopelessness, and hunger – so that we may all claim our new identities in Christ Jesus as he restores his creation. This is our prayer for the Baxter Neighborhood and the city of Grand Rapids: freedom, restoration and wholeness!

our purpose.
All of these ideals are inspired – and even eclipsed – by our lifelong journey toward greater intimacy with our Creator. Without him, we have no purpose. With him, life is full of hope! We deeply desire our world, especially the corner of the world where God has placed us, to know the fullness of this joy.