“The Nest” had it’s first successful fundraiser! Thank you all for your love and support. We raised just over $20,000. We’re still looking for donations of any size, be it financial, in-kind, or volunteering of your time. Please check out our other website for more info or to contact us.

In other exciting news, we have a new design for the long term garden plan:

Garden Design 10.16.13


Thanks CJ, Jenny, and Mike for the help with this design!


the nest.

exciting things are happening on logan street! our very own kristin & matthew fowler have decided to make the baxter neighborhood their home for years to come.

they were recently donated the abandoned house next to the garden and have been offered the opportunity to attempt the “living building challenge.”

their dream is to create a community-oriented home that would, in collaboration with the treehouse garden, become a neighborhood hub for gathering, eating, studying, sharing, and living.

visit their site to learn more about this beautiful endeavor they’ve decided to call “the nest.”

The Nest – Living Building Challenge

the nest



looking back at last summer’s work feels good. we are constantly overwhelmed by the support and cooperation we experienced as this project took shape. from ideas to materials to manual labor to financial backing, the treehouse garden became a reality through the efforts of many. we are so grateful.

join us in a little reminiscence:

articles about the treehouse garden:

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things are ever-changing at the treehouse community garden. at this point, most of our beds have been planted, our landscaping is off to a good start, and the fence is slowly going up. what a difference these things have made! we continue to be grateful for the help of friends, family, and neighbors who have made it all possible. life is springing up everywhere, and we can’t wait to see this place grow.



dirt & paint.

folks, summer is just about here, and things are looking summery at the treehouse community garden. the latest and greatest from 1045 logan is the completion of the raised beds! all that beautiful, rich dirt has been shoveled into place, thanks to a wonderful group of volunteers last weekend. (for pictures, click here!)

not only is the soil ready to go, but Grapids Irrigation installed a state-of-the-art irrigation system for us. i’m serious. sprinklers AND faucets, right alongside our vegetable beds! this is the real deal. in addition, our amazing friend josh came out again last saturday and worked magic on the garden shed – and it’s almost done! just a few touch-ups here and there, and we have a gorgeous place to store our tools…not to mention a porch for where to drink ice tea during the hot summer months. (evening bluegrass and barbecues, anyone?)

this saturday, may 19, we plan to hold sign-ups for neighbors to claim beds for their families, along with a cleanup session; all of this to ready the garden for our big PLANTING DAY, scheduled for may 26th at 10am. come one, come all! it’s going to be a fun day of planning, digging, singing, planting, and hanging out at the treehouse community garden. grab a trowel, some gardening gloves, and your sunglasses and come out for the party.


have you heard of The Simple Way? if you haven’t, you need to hit their website.

this inspiring organization out of philadelphia has not only had a profound impact on many of the treehouse community members individually, but they have recently been used to encourage us in a tangible way!

as part of a “green space initiative,” The Simple Way was offering grants to others who share the dream of loving their neighbors through the work of God’s creation. we presented our vision for the treehouse community garden, and were chosen to receive a “green grant!”

considering our plans for this once-abandoned lot on logan street, we can use all of the help we can get – so here’s a huge THANK YOU to The Simple Way for believing in us enough to invest in the future of this project!