our need.

Our master plan is a grand scheme – a dream of kingdom proportions – and we cannot do this on our own! We are praying for the partnership and sponsorship of people in our surrounding communities and church families.

the nest

Matthew & Kristin have been given the opportunity to make a long term commitment to the Baxter Neighborhood. The abandoned house next to the garden was donated to them and they are embarking on a journey to rebuild the home as a “living building,” with the dream of continuing community life in this place. To learn more and to support this vision, visit The Nest Website.

If you are interested in giving of your time, prayer, resources, or ideas to the Treehouse Community Garden, we welcome you! Visit our “contact us” page for more info.

Supplies and Gifts we still need in order to make this garden flourish:

3 long-range garden sprinklers

2 outdoor picnic tables (or materials to build them)

4 wooden porch/rocking chairs

Mosaic path materials and installation (know a landscaping co. willing to help install?)

Rocks & mortar for a raised berm  wall (ask for more details)

Landscaping rocks for edging of berms

10 pairs of garden gloves

20 Wooden baskets for produce delivery for neighborhood CSA

20 Reusable grocery bags for CSA members

50 yards of fine shredded mulch

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