the story.

the dream.
God has given The Treehouse Community a vision for creating a shared green space in our neighborhood. We have long dreamt of this possibility, but only recently did we feel the Spirit’s nudge to move forward. In hindsight, Jesus knew exactly what he was doing when he asked us to wait. Over the past two years, we have been given the opportunity to form wonderful relationships with our neighbors, and have witnessed first-hand the needs of the families around us.

why a garden?
The Baxter Neighborhood has been named a “food desert,” due to the lack of readily available produce and other life-sustaining, affordable food sources within walking distance. We have seen the affects of this problem in our day-to-day interactions with neighbors. Children go hungry, people are sick, and malnutrition is rampant in our friends of all ages. In addition, there is a severe lack of educational and informational resources.

how will it help?
We hope to address these needs, starting with the construction of a community garden and the implementation of garden and nutrition education classes. Our vision includes twelve raised vegetable beds, the use of which we intend to offer to families or individuals in the area. We are partnering with The Baxter Community Center to teach gardening, nutrition, cooking, and canning classes to youth and adults. The garden will provide practical application for these educational experiences, and put some healthy and delicious food on the students’ tables without costing them a dime!

the bigger picture.
Outside of the pressing nutritional needs of our community, we have seen racial segregation, broken homes, abuse, drugs, gang activity, poverty, and violence take a toll on the people of Baxter. As followers of Jesus, we are concerned with the well being of the entire individual: the physical, emotional, and the spiritual. We firmly believe that the Father wants to use this garden as a catalyst for healing and restoration.

our call.
The most important reason we are pursuing this dream is to live out our calling as sharers of hope, joy, and love. We desire to see heaven on earth! God started with a garden, so why shouldn’t we? Jesus is calling the world back into relationship with the Godhead, and this is our passion: to walk with our neighbors into the realization of our true identity in Christ. This garden will provide the space and opportunity to foster relationships and facilitate prayer.